Stories for You and Yours

“Children who are read to regularly in their preschool years tend to learn language faster, enter school with a larger vocabulary and become more successful readers at school.”

Bus et al., 1995, Mol et al. 2008

There is a growing body of research which points to the importance of parents reading with their child. Sharing stories from early years not only helps to build the foundations of language and communication skills, it can also provide a fun and relaxing way for parent and child to connect, build confidence and a sense of identity, and encourage children to explore their own imagination.

Stories for You and Yours is a relaxed and enjoyable programme for parents who want to build their confidence to share great stories with their little ones.

Throughout three workshops, this interactive course will provide tips  and ideas to develop a life-long love of reading, and will encourage parents to think about ways they can engage their child with stories. 

Part One

The course begins with a relaxed Shared Reading session for parents so the group can enjoy the experience for themselves. There will be no pressure to read aloud, this is an opportunity for group members to relax, think about their own relationship with books and to begin thinking about why and how reading together can become an enjoyable and inspiring experience for the whole family.

Part Two

Thinking about techniques to bring stories to life and how to engage children when reading aloud, the group will share tips and ideas. The group will experience examples of good practice and effective ways to encourage language and speech development in a guided and supportive environment. 

Part Three

Focusing on rhymes and poetry, the third session will provide an opportunity for parents to think about the next step – choosing great stories to read with their little ones, putting what they’ve learned into practice and think about how sharing stories can become a meaningful part of family life.

Who is this course for?

Designed for parents, carers and those working directly with children in early years care, this course is perfect for:

  • Parents and Carers, particularly those who speak English as a second language
  • Foster Carers
  • Nursery Schools Staff
  • Primary Schools Staff
  • Early Years Services Workers
  • Parenting Support Services Workers


A Stories for You and Yours course can be commissioned for up to 12 participants for £1500.

This includes:

  • Three workshops, each lasting three hours
  • Three books to take home
  • A full-colour course handbook

Get in touch and be part of the story 0151 729 2200

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