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Jenny and baby Poppy's Reader Story, Children's Centre, Liverpool

Jenny has been attending the storytime now for about 3 months at the centre. She comes with her baby Poppy and also sometimes attends with her oldest daughter Chelsea, who has her own little boy Blake. Jenny has been amazed at how much her baby daughter is taking in during the storytime and also when she gets home. One of the songs we do in the groups is called ‘Open, Shut Them’.

Jenny has now learned the words to do the song at home, much to the delight of Poppy. The other day just before the group began I spotted Jenny in the centre’s café and she couldn’t wait to tell me how Poppy had been enjoying the songs at home. She said 'Oh, it has been open, shut them, open, shut them all week! When I do the song with her it is as if I've hypnotised her - she loves listening to me and watching me do the actions.'

At a later feedback session with other parents from the storytime group at the centre, Jenny went on to add how coming to the group had really helped to boost her own confidence when reading with her child. She says,

"I just think it is brilliant for the kids to make them come along to help bring them along a little bit more and to come out of themselves – a bit of confidence for them. it makes you a bit more closer with the kids as well and yeah you can read stories with your kids a bit better as well because you can see the way you do it and you kind of copy you when you go home. The kids go home and to the songs – when I sing to her at home and do the songs there she’s just dead quiet looking at me because she remembers sitting there and doing them with you."

Poppy is also currently enjoying her free monthly book through the Thrive at 5 scheme.

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