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Myfanwy's Reader Story, Forum Housing

How long have you been coming to the reading group?

I first attended the reading group on 11th December 2012.

What do you think you have got out of coming to the reading group?

Reading aloud has changed my perception of the text and my feelings towards it. I never used to like reading aloud even though I am quite a positive reader, but I do now!

Did you read much before? Has coming to the group changed how you think about reading?

I do read a lot and have done previously, but since coming to the group I have found that my tastes have expanded and my confidence in reading aloud has changed for the better.

What is special about reading aloud?

Reading aloud in a group is special because it allows you to view the text/book/story in a completely different way from another person’s point of view.

Has coming to the group changed how you think about yourself….other people?

Coming to the group has changed how I view other people because it has allowed me to see the different conclusions that can be drawn by different people from the same text. It’s really fascinating to me.

What has been your favourite of the things we have read together?

A poem called “The Raspberry Room” because I liked the way it made me think about the descriptions and the meanings behind the words.

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