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Reading and Digging Deep

Written by The Reader, 1st April 2015

The Big Dig is approaching at the end of this month and we're currently busy sifting through all of the applications to take part - you're an eager lot!

In the meantime, you can do some exploring of the literary kind at a special upcoming Short Course at the Mansion House just before The Big Dig gets underway:

Dig Deep Short Course

“Out of the firelight everything was black and silver, black island, rocks and trees carved cleanly out of the sky and silver river with a flashing light rippling back and forth along the lip of the fall.”

Sound intriguing? Come along and read more of The Inheritors with Amanda Boston of The Reader Organisation for a day combining great literature and a journey into the lives of our earliest ancestors.

For more information, see The Reader Organisation's website:

To book straight away, email or call 0151 729 2200.

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