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The Reader Issue 31



Featuring Anna Woodford, Andrew McNeillie, Jeffrey Wainwright, Howard Jacabson, Raymond Tallis


only £6.95


only £6.95

Contents Include:

  • New poetry by Anna Woodford, John Welch, Andrew McNeillie, Jennifer Compton and Michael O’Neill.
  • Jeffrey Wainwright writes about his poem, ‘Mere Bagatelle 1' in the latest Poet on His Work, letting us see into the poem’s beginnings.
  • Howard Jacobson argues for the good of books that tell you what to do.
  • Janet Suzman talks to Philip Davis about Peggy Ashcroft, her own great Cleopatra of 1974, and the particular need for an actor to find a core of reality in the character she plays.
  • Raymond Tallis, polymath and long-time friend of The Reader, gives us his funny account of the role of the asterisk in literature, ‘Reader, I Sh*gged Him’.
  • Frank Cottrell Boyce gives us his funny and moving new story, ‘Accelerate’, in which a woman wishes away time, which of course cannot be recalled.

Issue Highlight:

Mary Weston begins a three-part serial set in the time of the First World War, with flashbacks from an alternative world. The great Victorian literary periodicals regularly offered their readers a novel in serial form: in that way, all the nation were reading Dickens at more or less the same time, like a great family. This is The Reader’s attempt to revive the tradition.

Bit at the Bottom:

From 'Fresco'

I might have thought of my father then
weighed down by kids, and bills, and a brush,
my father who wouldn’t fly, who bore
the name of the patron saint of travellers.

By Anna Woodford

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