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The Reader Issue 34



Featuring Stanley Middleton, Julie-ann Rowell, Christy Ducker, David Constantine, Jacob Polley


only £6.95


only £6.95

Contents Include:

  • There’s new poetry from: Stanley Middleton, Julie-Ann Rowell, Christy Ducker and David Constantine
  • This summer (August 6th) would have been Tennyson’s 200th birthday, so look out for celebrations and fresh thinking on the nineteenth-century poet. Plus we launch our series on Get Into Reading: the Reading Revolution.
  • Jacob Polley is the latest ‘Poet on His Work,’ writing about his haunting poem, ‘The Owls’ in a piece called ‘Fistfuls of Fresh Clay’.

Issue Highlight:

Literature is personal, it is raw and as Phil Davis says in his editorial:

For The Reader doesn’t really care about too much about genre – hardly gives a damn in fact as to whether it is fiction, or poetry, or essay, or sentences in a letter. Don’t be deceived: our sense of variety is not merely something liberal. It is to do with wanting the life-stuff wherever we can find it and get it.

Bit at the Bottom:

From 'Letters to a Lonely Man'

You couldn’t tackle the length in your city shoes,

you sat on the sand, legs splayed, as if astride
a beast about to bolt, your face uncreased.

By Julie-Ann Rowell

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