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The Reader Issue 38



Featuring Alison Brackenbury, Frank Field, Paula Byrne, Raymond Tallis


only £6.95


only £6.95

Contents Include:

  • Poet Alison Brackenbury writes about her own work, and why she never writes at night
  • MP for Birkenhead Frank Field talks about his reading history and the value of reading books you disagree with
  • There are essays from Paula Byrne and Raymond Tallis
  • Jonathan Bate reviews Iain McGilchrist’s The Master and His Emissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World, and talks about the ‘dilemma of right brain romanticism’  

Issue Highlight:

A long short story by British author Clive Sinclair, and True Tales of the Wild West

Bit at the Bottom:

Poetry from brothers Gary and Joseph Allen!

From 'Ruth'

Growing older
things would seem strange,
like having to walk you
through the estate at night
to your own house,
wait until you were safely in
and the lights turned on.

By Joseph Allen

From 'The Cinder Patch'

I took the bucket of ashes across the yard
grey ash, as school trousers, as the afternoon
dry as a closed family’s love
the clothes hung heavy with ice
and the chill filled the marrow
as only boredom and hunger can.

By Gary Allen

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