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The Reader Issue 39



Featuring Sonja Sohn, Clare Allan, Salley Vickers, Stanley Middleton, David Constantine, Angela Leighton


only £6.95


only £6.95

Contents Include:

  • An interview with Sonja Sohn – star of the acclaimed television drama The Wire and co-founder of the Baltimore charity Rewired for Change
  • Clare Allan – author of Poppy Shakespeare – investigates the genetic make-up of her dog, Meg
  • Fiction by Salley Vickers and Stanley Middleton
  • Poetry from David Constantine and Angela Leighton
  • and we couldn’t have everything without all the fantastic features and competitions you’d expect from your quarterly dose of Reader goodness.

Issue Highlight:

‘After all, man is not a resoning animal; he is a seeing, feeling, contemplating, acting animal. He is influenced by what is direct and precise…Life is not long enough for a religion of inferences; we shall never have done beginning, it we determine to begin with proof…Life is for action. If we insist on proofs for everything,we shall never come to action; to act you must assume, and that assumption is faith.’

John Henry Newman, from ‘The Tamworth Reading Room’

Bit at the Bottom:

From 'God’s Only Toy'

The fir tree standing upright
on its shallow roots
like a ragged comedian,
a vagabond with splayed feet.

Roe deer tiptoe through
the tall gaps between
parallel trunks of pine
on pointed hooves that
ballerinas try to grow.

By Mark Rutter

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