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The Reader Issue 45



Featuring David Morrissey, Drummond Bone, Olivia McCannon, Carolyn Waudby, Sean Elliott, Richie McCaffery


only £6.95


only £6.95

Contents Include:

  • There are two unsettling new short stories by Drummond Bone (late of the University of Liverpool) and Olivia McCannon
  • A rattlebug of beautiful, bite-size poems by Carolyn Waudby, Sean Elliott and Richie McCaffery.
  • Have you ever read a poem that actually looks like a tiny little bird, hopping among the hedgerows? Mark Leech’s ‘As a Wren’ embodies this precious, tough little thing –its trilling and peeping come alive when you read this poem aloud.
  • Beverley Laroc and Eleanor Stanton’s discussion on reading with older people and the place of libraries in the current climate
  • Natalie Evans’ elegant thought-piece on reading Theodore Dreiser’s Sister Carrie and its prescience to her and, more broadly, today’s youth unemployment crisis.      

Issue Highlight:

The actor and director David Morrissey is interviewed about being the dark and ‘locked in’ Bradley Headstone in the television adaptation of Dickens’ Our Mutual Friend, a role he reprised in December for our Penny Readings here in Liverpool. He also talks about playing Macbeth in the Everyman theatre and his how his childhood love of libraries continues to this day.

Bit at the Bottom:

Your Regulars: Ask the Reader 

Q: In a recent survey of the best-loved British fiction right at the top of the billings appeared books about hobbits and Harry Potter. Infantilism is a disease and its contagion is becoming epidemic. Whatever happened to books for adults, as Virginia Woolf called the novels of George Eliot? Let children keep their own corner in the written word but when I became a man I put childish things behind me.

Agree? Disagree? See what our Resident Reader, Brian Nellist, thinks.

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