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Thinkers About Community

Written by Chris Routledge, 14th March 2009

Can anyone help with this?

I want to read a book of thinking about 'community'.

I mean, by those inverted commas, something like a particular take on community: how people can be together, or why they do, or why it is in our DNA (is it?) and why the word has so much in the way of  religous overtones... and is 'community' always  semi-religous? I'd like it to be a thought-book rather than fiction... but I'm not very good at reading heavy duty philosophy.

I'd be happy if it was old... if it was great... but I'll take what you got.  Reading lists please.

2 thoughts on “Thinkers About Community

Alison Walters says:

Hi Jane

Here are two that I know of:

Community: The Structure of Belonging by Peter Block

The Search to Belong: Rethinking Intimacy, Community and Small Groups by Joseph Myers


Penny Markell says:

One book that might fit your description is Soil and Soul by Alastair McIntosh which is about his involvement in some community activism ( such as the Eigg islanders trying to buy their island from the Laird), but also his personal philosophy and experience of the community he grew up in, the relationship of its people to each other and to the land, and the myths and tales about their part of Scotland. I loved it, both times I read it.


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