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Education & Young People

Kids On Blanket Age 5 And 7

“I didn’t do reading before, but it’s fun and I love it now. Reading aloud is better than in your head. It’s like you’re on an adventure, you can understand more aloud.” - Looked-after child reading in one-to-one session

Adam's Reader Story

Our projects with children and young people focus entirely on reading for pleasure. Using experience, patience and enthusiasm, our dedicated team of Readers find the right books to connect with pre-school children and families, young people in primary and secondary schools, looked-after-children and in the community. By sharing stories in an informal and engaging way, our work is improving reading abilities, building bonds, confidence and self-esteem, encouraging future generations to develop a life-long love of reading.

Reading in schools

Our shared reading projects in schools are developing a culture of reading for pleasure. Evidence from the Institute of Education (2013) has shown that reading for pleasure significantly narrows gaps in attainment, and is more important for children’s cognitive development than their parents’ level of education. Over the last 10 years we have developed a range of programmes and courses that have been shown to be successful in turning reluctant readers into lovers of stories, poetry and novels.

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We ran weekly shared reading sessions (1 hour) for children aged 9-12 in two primary and one secondary school in a deprived ward of East Glasgow. Using the British Picture Vocabulary scale, all children were initially at least 2 years below their chronological age in vocabulary development and this increased dramatically in all cases after 6 months of attending the reading group. Other changes included improvements to wellbeing, confidence and engagement with reading, with previously very reluctant readers developing into keen readers for pleasure.

Download more information on our work in education settings

We can offer:

  • A Reader in Residence to work within your school engaging students and staff with shared reading for pleasure
  • Reading Revolutionaries Roadshow – an innovative course enabling children to inspire younger students to develop a love of reading

Sharing stories in Early Years

Improving language development in a child’s early years is key for ensuring that children have better chances in school and success in later life, including higher education and economic prospects. Our work with pre-school children and their families emphasises reading in a fun and interactive way, encouraging opportunities for bonding and stimulating positive relationships with reading in both children and adults.

We can offer:

  • Interactive shared reading sessions with parents
  • Activities aimed at building confidence in sharing stories with their children
  • Magical Story time, in which children will join their parents for shared reading together
  • Stories for You and Yours – a course especially designed to nurture parental confidence to share stories and rhymes interactively with their pre-school children - download information/costs

PVI Project 2015

The Reader was commissioned in January 2015 for a nine-month project to engage parents of two-year-old children accessing 15 hours per week of free childcare, leading to:

• Improvements in the language development of two-year olds
• Improvements in the responsiveness to books and storytelling
• Improvements in the confidence and skills of parents to share stories with their children

The project sought to support the most disadvantaged parents to become reading role models, ensuring that their children can benefit from all that reading for pleasure bring. Outcomes of the project included increased interaction between children and parents, increased confidence in reading aloud amongst parents and nursery practitioners and increased confidence amongst nursery practitioners in choosing books to read with children.

Download the PVI Project 2015 report

City of Readers

We are delivering with City of Readers to transform Liverpool into the UK’s foremost city for reading, developing future generations of readers who will take the power and pleasure of great books into the future. See the City of Readers website for more

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