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Dante's Purgatorio with Jane Davis

Wednesdays, 8pm - 9pm for 5 weeks, via Zoom

A five-week Shared Reading experience aimed at absolute beginners. Hosted on Zoom, ticket price £20.

Feel like you are stuck in a strangely unimaginable limbo? Only the self and one other allowed out for a walk? Things going round and round without seeming to get anywhere?

You could almost be in Dante’s Purgatory.

Don’t just suffer it, sign up to read the real thing in the company of others, with The Reader’s Founder and Director, Jane Davis, and enter the special timelessness that is utter concentration.

And therefore whenas aught is heard or seen,

That firmly keeps the soul toward it turn’d,

Time passes, and a man perceives it not.

Purgatorio, IV

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