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George Eliot in the World: a conversation and some readings

Friday 22 November, 7pm

Alison Liebling, Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice and Director of the Prisons Research Centre at the University of Cambridge, believes George Eliot is central to her work. Philip Davis, Emeritus Professor of Literature and Psychology, University of Liverpool, has been reading, thinking about and teaching George Eliot for 40 years and published his biography The Transferred Life of George Eliot in 2017.

Both are interested in George Eliot in herself and in relation to The Reader’s Shared Reading project. In this informal conversation they will discuss their work, and the place of George Eliot’s thinking in our problematic contemporary world. They will each bring selections from the works to read.

If you are involved in Shared Reading, or interested in learning more about how reading complex literature can help in real life, if you work in criminal justice, social care or education, or if you are a reader of George Eliot, this fascinating conversation, celebrating the birth of one of our greatest human thinkers, is not to be missed.

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Calderstones Mansion House, Calderstones Rd, Liverpool L18 3JB, UK

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