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Introduction to Chinese Painting

Sunday 28 November, 11am - 5pm
Explore the history of Chinese Painting techniques with artist Madeleine Pires.

This Chinese brush painting session is a mixed ability class, suitable for experienced artists looking to experiment with a different technique, or beginners looking to create graceful and simple paintings.

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Sunday 28th November, 11am - 5pm (£50 for 1 day workshop)



  • This session will begin with a brief history of Chinese art looking at the main ways it differs from Western painting styles
  • This will be followed by a demonstration of brush technique, correct handling and posture, leading to the first exercise which will finish in you painting a long flowing orchid stem, adding simple orchid flowers
  • The second exercise teaches more techniques focusing on ink and dilution, adding watercolour
  • You will then paint the “Four Gentlemen” – four plants used to teach the fundamental elements of Chinese brush painting: the plum blossom (梅), the bamboo (竹), and the chrysanthemum (菊) (the other plant is the orchid (蘭) previously used in exercise 1)
  • We will look at what different trees and flowers represent in Chinese culture: e.g. strength, peace, purity etc
  • We will also look at Chinese calligraphy and have a go at writing in Chinese using our paintbrushes
  • From a number of different visual stimuli, we will choose our own subject matter to create a more detailed painting using the techniques we have learned, with a demonstration from the artist, feedback and group critiques

Tutor: Madeleine Pires


Sunday 28 November, 11am - 5pm (£50 for 1 day workshop)


£50 for 1 day workshop


You will need to bring some of your own materials for the duration of the course. Materials lists will be provided 2-3 weeks before the course begins. If you require this list earlier, please email

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