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Landscape Painting

Starting Tuesday 5 October, 2pm - 4pm for 10 weeks
This course will provide an opportunity to explore landscape in paint.

This course will provide an opportunity to explore landscape in paint. Through a series of quick experimental pieces and more finished works, the course will walk you through the process of developing your own unique visual response to the landscape.

Suitable for complete beginners who are new to oil painting as well as those with more experience looking to develop their skills.

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Tuesdays from 2-4pm starting 5th October, £160 for 10 week course



The course will cover: gathering your own reference material, testing out ideas and ultimately walking away at the end of the 10 weeks with a painting you would be happy to hang on your wall. Although centred around oil painting, the course is also open to a variety of media, including charcoal and acrylic paint. The classes will include a combination of presentations to the group, demonstrations and individual tuition. Suitable for beginners and more experienced artists who wish to develop their skills.

Week 1&2 - Introduction to Landscape - Composition & Value:

· How to create a strong and balanced composition – learning the importance of tonal/value arrangement in creating a balanced composition

· Linear perspective, eye lines, rhythm drawings - how the eye travels across the piece.

· Notan and Tri-tone charcoal drawings and monochrome painting – learning to see the unifying values/tones in a landscape, rather than looking straight for detail.

· Big shapes

*Important to bring a collection of printed out reference photos

Week 3 – Introducing Colour (2 colours, i.e brown + blue + white)

· Colour temperature – warm & cool colour relationships, understanding how colour temperature is linked to tone/value

Week 4 – Expanding the colour palette

Without forgetting what we’ve covered in the previous weeks, regarding composition, tone and colour temperature, we will now look at expanding the palette, with a series of quick, small studies

· Colour Mixing

· Colour theory

Week 5 – 10

From week 5 onwards there will be the opportunity to paint outdoors (weather permitting) so you may wish to bring a field easel or equivalent set up in case you wish to work outdoors.

Towards the final few weeks, you will begin working on a longer more refined painting utilising all the techniques and concepts that you will acquired to date

Tutor: Jacob Gourley is a full-time Liverpool based artist specialising in oil painting. An active member of the Royal Standard Studios, he has exhibited in a number of both group and solo shows. He graduated in Fine Art from the University of Gloucestershire in 2017, having been awarded a month scholarship to study in the British School in Rome during his second year. He also won first prize at the Wirral Society of Arts Open Exhibition 2019. Jacob has turned his skills to teaching oil painting workshops.


5, 19, 26 Oct, (no session 12 Oct)

2, 9, 16, 23, 30 Nov,

7, 14 Dec


Oil or Acrylic paints

Week 1&2 – titanium white and black (monochrome)

Week 2 and 3 – titanium white, at least 1 yellow I.e. lemon yellow/ cadmium yellow/yellow lake etc, 1x warm red cadmium red or scarlett etc, crimson, ultra-marine blue an either colbalt, cerulean/(coeruleum for acrylics), Prussian or pthalo blue, 1x brown earth I.e.burnt sienna, burnt umber, raw umber, trans-parent red oxide etc

Brushes – a selection of natural bristle and synthetic

Acrylic primed paper pad (suitable for oils and acrylics)


A4 or A3 sketchbook or plain paper

Sketching pencils

Reference photographs, printed out or on tablet screen

Dilutant/medium I.e. turpentine/sansodor low odour solvent/liquin(for oils)

Solvent/brush cleaner – white spirit (water for acrylics)

Palette I.e. wooden/Perspex or disposable tear off

2 jars

Rags or paper towel

Recommended additional materials:

Possible other colours – Cadmium yellow deep, viridian/pthalo green, burnt si-enna, yellow ochre, magenta


Wooden/ Perspex paint palette

Linseed Oil (to add to dilutant)

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