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Coronavirus: all groups and events at Calderstones are temporarily suspended

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Shared Reading at Home

Shared Reading groups by Zoom or phone

For the next few months, we are changing the way we work, in order to bring literature to life in your home, wherever you are. If you’re a member of one of our groups, we hope to connect you with your Reader Leader, and continue Shared Reading with you.

If you’re new to The Reader, we hope we can inspire you to get involved in the community.

Reading literature aloud in real-time, means that everyone is involved in a shared, live experience. Group members are encouraged to respond personally, sharing feelings, thoughts and memories provoked by the reading, but there is no need to read aloud or speak - it’s fine to just listen. The idea is to create a space where everyone taking part feels at ease. 

Whether you're interested in poetry, science fiction, nature writing or the classics, there's a reading group out there ready to welcome you.

If you're part of a Shared Reading group, and haven't heard from your Reader Leader since lockdown, get in touch so we can make sure you're connected.

Email us at with the name / location of your group to help us direct you to the right person.

If you're new to Shared Reading, get in touch and we can find a group near you, so you can join in person later in the year:

All Shared Reading is free, get involved!

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