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Sounds in the Park

20 & 24 June and 1, 5 & 6 August - 3pm & 7pm
£6.00 - £10.00

Bringing the Garden Theatre stage bursting into life this Summer 2021 The Reader presents Sounds in the Park a series of open-air concerts in collaboration with Early Music as Education. 

The very special series of events will feature live classical music performances, including a comic opera and 17th & 18th century chamber music selected in response to Book I of William Wordsworth’s The Prelude and a sacred music production based on the oldest written story on earth, The Epic of Gilgamesh. 

Each musical performance has been chosen in response to texts from The Reader Bookshelf, an annual programme of carefully curated great literature which, this year, is based on the theme of ‘Walking The Earth’.

Sunday 20 June, 3pm & Thursday 24 June, 7pm 
The Early Music Youth Orchestra performing Stabat Mater by Emanuele Rincón d’Astorga.
Featuring performances from Julia Smith, Lucy Gibbs, Robin Datta, Armand Rabot, Alberto Sanna.

Sunday 1 August, 3pm 
17th & 18th Century Chamber music performed by The Wondering Fiddlers - Marino Capulli, Elizabeth ElliottDonatella Paiano, Alberto Sanna.

Thursday 5 August, 7pm & Friday 6 August, 7pm 
La serva padrona (The Maid as Mistress) - a comic opera by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi
Featuring performances from Angelina Dorlin-BarlowArmand RabotEarly Music Youth Orchestra, Alberto Sanna.
Directed by Harriet Feeny and Françoise Lecomte.

The Garden Theatre in Calderstones Park has its origins in the ‘Holidays at Home’ scheme during World War II and was added to the 19th Century Mansion in the 1940s. The theatre opens onto the Mansion’s Gardens - an arena where people once sat in deckchairs to watch outdoor performances. 

Much like people did in the 40s, at all of The Reader's outdoor performances, you’ll need to bring your own picnic blanket or chair to enjoy the entertainment. During the daytime performances, you can also order picnics to enjoy while you watch the performance. No matter what the weather the show will go on so be prepared and wrap up warm. 


Calderstones Mansion House, Calderstones Rd, Liverpool L18 3JB, UK

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