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Walking the Earth with George Herbert

Starts on Tuesday 13 April, 7.30pm for five weeks

A five-week Shared Reading experience aimed at absolute beginners. Hosted on Zoom, pay what you feel.

Jane Davis, founder of The Reader, invites you to spend some time walking the earth with the 17th century mystic poet George Herbert.  

Jane writes, ‘I’ve loved reading George Herbert for many years and his inner struggles provide me with a role model and a guide...I remember reading him (or perhaps not reading him) at University and thinking ‘what has any of this old Christian stuff got to do with me?’ You need a translation device if you are not in the Christian tradition and not into old poetry. Let me provide such a device for you! It took me years to realise itbut it’s definitely worth the effort. I was reading a George Herbert poem with a psychiatric nurse who said to me ‘If this guy was here now, he’d be in the acute unit.’ Ah, yes. We’ve probably all been in that position, if not the actual place, at least once. Come walk with George and me, and see if you can find what you have in common with a dead white aristocratic Welsh born priest of the seventeenth century. It may be more than you imagine. 

Each week I’ll bring one or two of his shorter poems and we will immerse ourselves in this amazing man’s experience. 



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