A Little, Aloud Workshop

“Training with The Reader has transformed the involvement of parents and carers as well as raising levels of confidence in reading and developing an enjoyment of books in our school community.”

Marguerite Young, Shared Reading group leader, Whitefields Primary, Reading Recovery National Primary School of the Year 2014, Reading for Enjoyment

For over a decade, The Reader has been delivering Shared Reading as a practical tool to help improve health and well-being. In 2010, we published our first A Little, Aloud anthology – a collection of short prose and poetry carefully selected to be read aloud with a loved one. This anthology, and A Little, Aloud for Children and A Little, Aloud with Love which followed, were designed to be shared, to make Shared Reading possible at home, at school, on hospital wards or in care homes.

This one-day workshop aims to give participants the confidence and techniques required to run a one-to-one Shared Reading session using The Reader’s A Little, Aloud anthologies as a resource.

Who is this course for?

Depending on the chosen anthology, this flexible workshop can be adapted for those interested in running one-to-one Shared Reading sessions for:

  • Adults in a care environment
  • Children and young adults at school or at home
  • Loved ones / relatives in your care

This course is particularly popular with volunteers working within a supported programme and with professionals working in community care settings, with many participants reporting improved personal well-being.

Why A Little, Aloud?

A Little, Aloud has been designed to inspire an understanding of how to use A Little, Aloud as a resource to engage others in reading for pleasure.


  • An understanding of how to use Shared Reading as a means of building meaningful one-to-one relationships
  • Confidence and pleasure in reading aloud
  • Improved communication skills
  • A practical tool to improve your own well-being
  • Improved quality of care.


The course is delivered as a full-day workshop followed by a half-day session one month later. A course for up to 12 participants, including resources, is costed at £3000.

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