Become a Shared Reading Advocate

You know when you’ve just finished an amazing book and you simply have to tell someone, or everyone, about it? We get it.

Our group members get it too, which is why, if you ever find yourself stood next to one of them at a bus stop, you’ll end up talking about much more than just the weather.

They might tell you about the incredible poem they just read with a group in the local Tesco Cafe, or how the last line reminded them of their schooldays. They might even tell you to come along next week and join in.

Our group members know how Shared Reading can provide a lifeline for those who feel lonely, stressed, bored or just ‘stuck’ somehow – as one group member put it:  you need it, you just don’t know you need it”. That’s why we need our group members to tell everyone they know about Shared Reading – their friends, family, colleagues, taxi drivers and postman.

We need you!

So if you’re a group member who loves to tell people about Shared Reading, you are already a Shared Reading advocate, so why don’t you get in touch and help us spread the word even further because we need you on our team.

You could put up posters, hand out flyers, keep your local library or bookshop in stock with free Reader bookmarks or represent The Reader at events in your area.

Reader Story – “Part of something much bigger”

I run a weekly Shared Reading group so I see firsthand what a difference it can make for people. 

John, Shared Reading Advocate, Merseyside

How can you get involved?

If you want to play a bigger part in your Shared Reading community we can keep you up to date with all the information you might want to share – new groups, volunteering opportunities, special events we’re running in the local area.

If you want to know more:

Or just pop you details in the form below and lets have a chat about you can get involved:


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