About Us

Since 2008, The Reader has pioneered the use of Shared Reading to improve well-being, reduce social isolation and build resilience in diverse communities across the UK and beyond.

We inspire and support people to read great literature aloud together. This simple idea changes lives and builds communities.

Groups we work with include looked after children, people in recovery from substance mis-use, prisoners, individuals living with dementia, parents, teachers, people with mental and physical health conditions and many more.

Our ambition is that Shared Reading will become so widespread that everyone, whoever they are, wherever they are, can access one of our groups. We are building a movement of Readers, so that Shared Reading will become part of everyday life.

The Reader at Calderstones

At our headquarters in Liverpool’s Calderstones Park we are transforming the historic Calderstones Mansion into The International Centre for Shared Reading.

Our on-site social enterprises The Reader GalleryThe Reader Café and The Reader Ice Cream Parlour enhance our Shared Reading ambitions by strengthening our local community.

The Storybarn, our interactive story-centre for children to explore, share and discover a love of books and storytelling, instills a love of reading from a young age.

Jane Davis, founder and director of The Reader, discusses the history and importance of Shared Reading.

Read our Annual Report 2015- 2016:

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