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Written by The Reader, 1st September 2010

After Romeo and Juliet last weekend, love is floating around the air in The Reader Organisation office (and, I am led to believe, at Croxteth Fire Station). So it seems rather timely that I came across Alikewise this morning.

Alikewise is a dating website that is based on your book tastes: anything from cooking to climbing to Shakespeare to poetry. In their words, "we think we can find others who would like to talk to you". I haven't tried to find love on it (not sure that my boyfriend would be too happy about that), so I can't vouch for its claim but it may be a bit of fun for any lonely readers out there and if nothing else, you may pick up a good reading recommendation.

1 thought on “Alikewise

louise says:

The above post sprung into mind whilst watching DRS (not normally something I watch )and low and behold the nurse wanted to better herself by reading and i think wanted to meet someone i was only half watching but the DR replied go and join a book club it is full of people wanting to cop off!
I only know of 2 budding romances and if I thought the main reason people joined a book group was to fall madly in love well I had better get training for the next maraton!

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