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Celebrating Black History Month in Croydon

Written by Maisie Jeynes, 3rd November 2022


Such descriptions of colour, but whom are you not seeing and why?” – comment from Shared Reading participant

One of our Croydon volunteers, Neelam, brought Shared Reading to Black History Month in October, and helped to create a fantastic day with the Black Minority and Ethnic Forum in Croydon, which included a session on drumming, Shared Reading (with a lovely poetry wall), and hearing from author Hadar Sankofa.

Neelam says that the poem she read with the group, Colour Blind by Lemn Sisay “provoked a clear reaction from the participants and many were eager to share their thoughts and views on the poem, including wondering whether things have really altered”.

Hadar Sankofa, a young author at only 12 years old received a lovely reception for his book The Diary of a Young Black King, and many of the group felt inspired to buy and read the book to their grandchildren.

Following the inspiration and enthusiasm on the day, there have been seven more recruits interested in joining the Shared Reading group, ‘Poetry and Prose’ at The Wellness Centre in Croydon.

Well done Neelam, and thank you for bringing your enthusiasm for Shared Reading to more people!

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