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The Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 has profoundly altered the way we live our lives.

At The Reader at Calderstones we share great stories together to help us make sense of the world. In response to Covid-19, we are inviting you to create your own page for our Commonplace Book – a community scrapbook which will capture the ways people have lived through this crisis.

Anyone can contribute. We want to record the ups, downs, and everything in between. Comforting lockdown recipes, quotes from books & poems you read, drawings, letters & photographs. We will be displaying it at The Mansion House for all to see & to inspire people in the future. Who knows, perhaps your favourite lockdown recipe will become a dish we serve at The Reader Café?


Download the pack below, read the instructions and use the blank page provided to create your response. Alternatively, you can create your own activity. It’s up to you how you choose to represent your experience – just think about what you would want someone in 100 years to understand about life during Covid-19. 

When you’ve completed your page, you can post it to us at The Mansion House, Calderstones Park, Liverpool, L18 3JB.If you aren’t able to get the physical page to us, you’re also free to scan it in and send it to us at


Download the pack here

What you need to know

We hope that our Commonplace Book will become part of our history and story when people look back in years to come. Before submitting a contribution to us, please read the information below so you’re aware of how we plan to share your submission.

  • Do not include personal information like your phone number or address. 
  • Do not include photos or personal information, including names, of other people. 
  • Only include your name if you consent for it to be used in ways outlined in the Terms and Conditions 
  • We are unable to return responses to their creator. If you would like to keep a copy please make this before submitting
  • Submissions from children aged 16 or under should be made with the approval of their parent or guardian. Any email submissions from children should be sent from the parent or guardian’s email account.

Terms and conditions

If you submit a page to us you agree to assign the copyright of your work to The Reader. You also understand that your contribution is a donation to The Reader and could be: 

  • Used as part of our Commonplace Book which could be displayed in the Mansion House and may appear on our social media channels.
  • Kept as a record in our archive, where it may be used and reproduced for research purposes
  • Published online (including social media), in exhibitions, in marketing materials or any other media.
  • Used to inspire future projects