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CPD Masterclass: Making Shakespeare Happen

Written by The Reader, 18th November 2011

Making Shakespeare Happen
28th November 2011, 1-5pm
Exeter Central Library
FREE (open only to Read to Lead graduates as part of CPD)

Join Get Into Reading London Project Manager, Penny Markell, in a session all about reading Shakespeare in groups, with a focus on building confidence and encouraging wary readers - facilitators included - to have a go. Experience being part of a group that is reading Shakespeare, discuss how the shared reading of Shakespeare is similar to and different from other texts, and consider how to prepare an extract from a play to facilitate yourself.

To sign up for the course, download the Masterclass booking form on our website.

1 thoughts on “CPD Masterclass: Making Shakespeare Happen

Louise Jones says:

I saw the title and went yey put me name down and the saw Exeter and went boo Humbug !

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