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Day 4 – The Weather Still Holds

Written by The Reader, 28th April 2015

Day 4 Blog - Fingers Crossed

Day 4 began with some concerned looking Museum of Liverpool archaeologists turning up after being caught in what was described as a ‘horizontal hailstorm’.   Indeed this morning the weather did not look very good but we got to our trenches with no trouble at all.

Yesterday evening before we finished an unusual layer of pebbles appeared in Trench 1. We didn’t know where they came from and before they could be removed they had to be meticulously recorded.

Feature Pebbles

This involved laying string and measuring tapes across the trench and then with VERY sharp pencils drawing accurately what was in it. This tied up the volunteers in Trench 1 for most of the day but gave them a great chance to learn some recording and section drawing skills.

Geoff Volunteers

This gives Trench 1 our MOST RECORDED TRENCH award!

Trench 2 is not to be left out with the awards, ‘the one behind the mansion’ has produced the most actual finds, nearly three trays worth of pottery and glass (mostly flowerpots) but also a lovely OXO Cup and the remains of some glass bottles, including one with a tempting ‘LIV…’ decoration.

Claire OXO

Trench 3 wins DEEPEST TRENCH award. After hitting sub-soil yesterday, today has mainly been about digging down to that.

Happy Diggers

There have been some nice finds from Trench 3 however including a few bits of clay pipe stem and bowel and also a lovely old lipstick with some of the product still in the tube.

Lipstick Pink

Shocking pink anybody?

Amazingly despite the worrying forecast and the early morning hailstorm the weather held today, not even the midday shower that was predicted turned up. Luck is smiling on us… so far!


The volunteers finished the day with a visit to The Calderstones themselves in the greenhouse. A good day was had by all.

See you tomorrow!

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