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Featured Poem: Lines by Thomas Hood

Written by Jamie Barton, 22nd February 2024

Our Featured Poem for February is 'Lines' by Thomas Hood, selected and read by Frances.


by Thomas Hood

Let us make a leap, my dear,
In our love, of many a year,
And date it very far away,
On a bright clear summer day,
When the heart was like a sun
To itself, and falsehood none;
And the rosy lips a part
Of the very loving heart,
And the shining of the eye
But a sign to know it by; -
When my faults were all forgiven,
And my life deserved of Heaven.
Dearest, let us reckon so,
And love for all that long ago;
Each absence count a year complete,
And keep a birthday when we meet.

The anthology A Poem to Read Aloud Every Day of the Year ed. by Liz Ison can be purchased via The Reader's website here.


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