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Reader Story: Lindsay, Tesco

Written by niallgrindrod, 16th June 2017

Lindsay, Tesco Community Champion at Heswall, attended the A Little, Aloud workshop in Liverpool followed by a Masterclass a few months later, and has since gone on to facilitate fortnightly Shared Reading session for older people in Fairfield Nursing Home close to her store. This her Reader Story in her own words:

"Since the workshop, I’ve been reading with several ladies every fortnight, which is just the right amount of time to fit in with my 18 hour week. It has been very rewarding to hear their life stories and to know that you are giving somebody in your community a positive experience. Customers have recognised me in the care home when they’ve been visiting their family, and I’ve felt proud of being part of something so special.

This isn’t something I would have imagined myself doing, and yet now, it’s become a part of my job that I look forward to and feel incredibly passionate about. I’ve learnt a valuable skill that is bringing huge benefits to people in my community and I think that all Tesco Community Champions should have the chance to do this because it really is an interactive, rewarding experience unlike anything else we do in our job."

Lindsay has given permission for her name to be used in this Reader Story.

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