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Lines by Heart: From Across the Way by Rogan Wolf

Written by Rachael Norris, 10th December 2020

Across the Way by Rogan Wolf is a poem that has been used in Shared Reading groups ran by The Reader for a number of years (since 2012 to be exact). Today's reading comes from the poet himself, Rogan Wolf. 

The theme for our daily readings and recommendations in December is 'Winter Warmth' - download the calendar here.

Across The Way

Welcome, wanderer,

I have seen you
across the way
and salute you.

to place myself
in someone else’s hands

to place myself
in hands trained
to relieve me

hands to retrieve me
myself at sea.
I am sending

an SOS signal
from the eye
of my tempest

pausing here
across the way.

Welcome, wanderer,

From across the way
I salute you.

Rogan Wolf


Rogan Wolf is a poet, retired social work manager and founder of Poems for the Wall. This organisation supplies poem-posters from leading poets, both contemporary and old favourites, for display in Anxious Spaces (GP surgeries, hospitals, dentists), as well as classrooms and libraries. All the poems are available on the project’s website, if you register - all free of charge. Many of the poems are bilingual, with 50 languages presently represented. Rogan’s personal website is


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