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Lines by Heart: Meadowlarks by Sara Teasdale

Written by Rachael Norris, 28th February 2021

Today's Lines by Heart reading is brought to us by Head of Front of House at The Reader, Annie Lord. Annie recites Meadowlarks by Sara Teasdale - put yourself to the test and see if you can memorise this poem too. The theme for our readings in February is 'Close to the Heart' and we hope the poetry, readings and recommendations we have chosen can help us stay connected over the coming weeks. Join in the conversation online using #SharedReading​​ @thereaderorg on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.



IN the silver light after a storm,
Under dripping boughs of bright new green,
I take the low path to hear the meadowlarks
Alone and high-hearted as if I were a queen.
What have I to fear in life or death
Who have known three things: the kiss in the night,
The white flying joy when a song is born,
And meadowlarks whistling in silver light.

Sara Teasdale

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