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Links We Liked for 9 February 2008

Written by Chris Routledge, 9th February 2008

Literary blogs seem to be taking over from the regular book review pages. In terms of the sheer number of books reviewed and the international audience available, print publications can't compete. A recent piece at Vulpes Libris gives an excellent overview of how the amateurs and the professionals co-exist and asks 'Book Bloggers: The Saviour of Small Publishers? The End of Decent Criticism? Or Unpaid Cheerleaders?' (via Dovegreyreader). Another post at the OUP Blog looks at a different aspect of this: Should Book Authors Blog?

The excellent Lifehacker entreats us to read more ebooks and points at an article in ePublishersweekly giving 30 Benefits of Ebooks. My feelings are mixed about this, but one commenter on the Lifehacker post concludes that ebooks are 'about as sensible as electronic socks'.

Earlier last week Andrew Saikali wrote an interesting piece for The Millions on films about writers and the writing process.

Meanwhile on Shrove Tuesday Samuel Pepys pondered an age-old question.

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