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Morgan Foundation Entrepreneur Awards 2011

Written by The Reader, 15th November 2011

Although Jane and I were shortlisted, we did not win in the Against All Odds category at the Morgan Foundation Entrepreneur Award ceremony last Thursday night. However we did all have a good night out! You’ve seen the girls all glammed up there (I wouldn’t like to say who the most glamorous was as I’d land myself in a world of bother), so I’ll just say, they all looked a million dollars and the boys were looking a bit dapper too.

We ate lamb, drank champers and learnt a lot about some other great charities and social enterprises in the area. It was a good experience for the people around the table and to be honest the woman who won in our category had been through so much, it would have been a crying shame if she hadn't won it. Our table gave her a standing ovation.

All I can say is: Morgan Foundation, we’ll be back next year. (Winning, like last year.)

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