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Nellibobs’ Friday Night #21: ‘A Bowl of Cherries’

Written by Jane Davis, 28th July 2010

All's not well in the jungle...Mr Nellist swings from tree to tree but doesn't like Peacocks, Phantoms, Mandelson or soupy orchestration. Cherry ripe!

2 thoughts on “Nellibobs’ Friday Night #21: ‘A Bowl of Cherries’

steve says:

Simply wonderful! Great to see this back, hope more to come. Anthology perhaps?

Sarah says:

A sort of footnote because it’s Vitally Important!!

On Orang Utans’ unsociable nature: they have very low serotonin levels, apparently, which explains their solitary disposition. In this they’re like the people who are inclined to SAD or other forms of depression. Our innards, squirty stuff and giblets generally are fascinating stuff. Love the idea that they’re like us to the degree that they just can’t be bothered to know us…

I got this out of Steve Jones Darwin book, Darwin’s Island.

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