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New Shared Reading groups launching in Homerton and Clapton, East London

Written by Rachael Norris, 16th September 2019

After a decade reading aloud in London, The Reader has arrived in Hackney in a unique Shared Reading collaboration with Hackney Libraries offering free community transport for local older people who find it difficult to travel.

National charity The Reader is inviting local older people, focussing on over-50s who struggle to get about, in Hackney to come along and join new Shared Reading groups that are launching across the borough this Autumn.

With free transport on offer, the new Shared Reading project with Hackney Libraries is designed to help people who find it hard to get out to come and enjoy reading together.

Shared Reading – bringing great novels, poems and plays to life through live reading aloud and group discussion – is a powerful group experience that sparks connection, reflection and discovery.

By creating space for people of all backgrounds and life situations to explore their inner lives and develop meaningful relationships with others, Shared Reading promotes confidence, improves wellbeing and builds communities.

In The Reader’s latest Feedback Week survey of more than 1,500 readers across the UK:

  • 94% said they look forward their Shared Reading group ‘as an important event in my week’.
  • 91% said ‘the reading sessions make me feel better‘.
  • 84% said they’ve made new friends in the group.

Two groups are opening in local libraries, Homerton Library and Clapton Library, happening every week from the start of November, with free transport on offer. Local residents are invited to book a transport place for themselves, or someone they know or care for, as soon as possible, as these are available on a first-come-first-served basis.

Try Shared Reading in Clapton Library

Every Tuesday starting 5 November - Clapton Library - Northwold Road, London E5 8RA - 11am - 12pm

Try Shared Reading in Homerton Library

Every Thursday starting 7 November - Homerton Library - Homerton High St, Homerton, E9 6AS - 11am - 12pm

If you’re interested in coming along, or know someone who would be interested, call Hackney Community Transport on 0207 275 2414 to book your free transport place.

Two more new groups will be opening at the Salvation Army in Hoxton and the Hackney Caribbean Elderly Organisation in Stoke Newington. More will follow in 2020.

If you'd like to volunteer email or get in touch with The Reader using the form on this page.

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