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Reading Back #5: Buck’s Quiz – The Answers

Written by jen, 1st September 2009

Here they are, because we know you've spent a sleepless weekend in frantic anticipation: the answers.


1.  Robert Louis Stevenson.
2.  Maxim de Winter.
3.  Howards End.
4.  Charles Dickens.
5.  Mr Bingley.
6.  Charles Pooter, Diary of a Nobody.
7.  Stevens.
8.  Lady Chatterley.
9.  Thrushcross Grange.
10.  Walter Scott.
11.  Dr Johnson.
12.  Rudyard Kipling.
13.  Brideshead.
14.  Bleak House.
15.  A Doll’s House.
16.  7 Eccles Street.
17.  Bertie Wooster.
18.  Miss Shepherd, Lady in the Van.
19.  Briony Tallis, Atonement.
20.  Guiderius, son of Cymbeline.

More than 10? Help yourself to a biscuit.
More than 15: Make it a chocolate biscuit.
A perfect 20? Pick a star, any star, and call it your own.

Thanks for playing; there'll be more from Our Back Pages soon.

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