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Reading Back #5: Buck’s Quiz

Written by jen, 27th August 2009

Ever since the magazine began, we have featured a literary Quiz. At first we liked to describe Buck’s Quiz as fiendish and as there was no helpful Google at hand in those early days our winners had to put in hours of reading, searching through reference books and haunting bookshops to come up with the answers. At issue 28 however I decided to relent a little and for Reading Back this week here is the result of that softening: a not so fiendish quiz on literary homes and houses.

Buck’s Quiz 28
Be It Ever So Humble…

1.      ‘Home is the sailor, home from the sea/ And the hunter home from the hill’. Whose lines are these?
2.      Who owned and lived in Manderley?
3.      What was the name of the house bequeathed to Margaret Schlegel?
4.      Which author lived at 48 Doughty Street?
5.      Which gentleman of fortune came to live at Netherfield Park?
6.      Which fictitious diarist lived in Brickfield Terrace, Holloway?
7.      Who was the butler at Darlington Hall?
8.      Who lived at Wragby Hall with her husband who had been disabled in WW1?
9.      Where did Isabella and Edgar Linton live?
10.    Who lived in Abbots Ford until his death in 1832?
11.    Whose address was 17 Gough Square from 1748-1759?
12.    Naulakha was the name of which English author’s home in Vermont?
13.    Where did the Marchmain family live?
14.    Where did Ada Clare and her companion Esther go to live?
15.    In which play does the heroin, Nora forge the signature of her dying father as security for a loan?
16.    On 16th June 1904, where did Leopold Bloom live?
17.    Whose aunt lived at Brinkley Court, Brinkley-cum-Snodsfield-in-the-Marsh, Nr Market Snodsbury, Worcs?
18.    Who lived in a Robin Reliant in Gloucester Crescent, Camden Town?
19.    Which 13yr old girl’s home was 'bright orange brick, squat, lead paned baronial Gothic’ and had a fountain in the garden with ‘a half-scale reproduction of Bernini’s Triton in the Piazza Barberini in Rome’?
20.    Who sings ‘Thou thy worldly task hast done,/ Home art gone and ta’en thy wages’?

We will print the answers in a few days...

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