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Reading for The Evening Read-In

Written by The Reader, 13th March 2012

The latest Evening Read-In, reading Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis, began last week: if you didn't manage to catch Part 1 live, get up-to-date at any time by listening here.

If you did listen in and read along with us, you'll know that the story is more than slightly strange. Discovering Gregor Samsa's fate is somewhat unsettling for the listening reader - but reading the tale aloud is an even more bizarre experience...Lynn Elsdon, the voice behind the story, tells us just what it was like to give voice to Gregor:

Reading The Metamorphosis was a strange and compelling experience. The protagonist Gregor Samsa wakes to find that he has turned into some kind of man-sized insect - in my mind a cockroach or a dung beetle - overnight. It is a very stark tale, tense and often revolting, and yet, I found myself increasingly warming to Gregor, with all of his slime, stench and scuttling. His attempts to continue being human in this state swing from tragi-comic to terrifying to, at times, heart-rending; all in the very spare prose of Franz Kafka. It is fascinating. Ever thought vermin could pull on the heart strings? Let’s get together and listen to the Evening Read-In, and talk about what we think.

Surely that's sparked off your interest to get sharing this peculiar but compelling story. Be sure to tune in for Part 2 this coming Thursday evening at 9pm.

Lynn has also shared her experiences of what it was like being involved in the very first revolutionary Evening Read-In in the latest issue of The Reader Magazine. If you're intrigued to read more, you can subscribe to receive your copy on our website.  

Make sure you keep an eye on our Twitter page this Thursday lunchtime for the chance to get your hands on a shiny new Vintage Books copy of The Metamorphosis and other stories...

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