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The Book: Truly Revolutionary

Written by The Reader, 8th February 2012

Even for the most media-savvy readers amongst us, it can sometimes be hard to keep track of all the latest technological developments that seem to race at the speed of light. Don't get us wrong - we love that we can now read at any time, any place, anywhere on almost any device but it's a fact (that most of us have experienced perhaps more often than should really happen) that technology can be unreliable. So presenting a product that is really revolutionary... (and fits perfectly with the Reading Revolution)

2 thoughts on “The Book: Truly Revolutionary

Ah yes, you can’t beat it can you? This year I’ve been trying to read the world (my project to read a book from every country in 2012) on both paper and e-reading devices. Much as love my Kindle, paper has the edge at the moment – no need to reboot and it doesn’t wipe your notes when you restore factory settings. Thanks for sharing

Lisa says:

Yes – no risk of the battery running out in the middle of an important chapter (something I get quite frustrated with when it comes to mobile phones…) or crashing completely (argh) – a good old physical book is unwaveringly reliable…!
That sounds like a very interesting project – a literary round the world trip! Good luck with it! (you might be interested in our Readers of the World series…? – )

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