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The Reader Abroad: Hardy’s Birthplace #1

Written by The Reader, 29th July 2010

The Reader Editor Phil Davis looks into his glass and views his wasting skin, a ladybird passes by, and the trees are moving...

More to follow.

5 thoughts on “The Reader Abroad: Hardy’s Birthplace #1

Jen says:

Sorry, this video doesn’t seem to be working! I’ll get it up and running as soon as possible.

'a reader' says:

Oh, please, please, somebody try and get the ‘You Tube’ people to introduce captions – How many others heroically hold their PC’s up to their lugs (ears, left one in my case as I’m sure (?) it works better) in the hope that more than a few stray words come their way?

Everything is either crashingly unclearly- loud or softly non-existant. I’ve tried the last three ‘You Tubers’ – HELP

f.j. says:

Find and read the poems first then go back and watch the two ‘You Tube’ …. No, actually, better to unattach your lugs from the pc and concentrate on WATCHING the readings- lots of expression going on and you’re missing this vital first tone.. then you can read the poems, get your textual words ready and finally go back to the ‘You Tubers’ OK?

Sue Garner-Jones says:

I can’t see it or hear the clip but I guess Phil’s reciting ‘I look into my glass’ is he? Wonderful poem which he introduced to an MA group I was in. He read it then too, very well indeed.

Do you know, Hardy had toothache when he wrote it – makes the use of ‘throbbings’ all the more meaningful, eh? I always imagine Hardy going to his ‘glass’ to view his rotten tooth, then feeling sufficiently maudlin (let’s be honest with old Tom it doesn’t take much) he penned the verse !

Who else could rhyme ‘equanimity’ so musically, eh? Bless him!

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