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Find the perfect place for you

Volunteer with The Reader at Calderstones and make amazing things happen. 

Perhaps it’s for a one-off event, or you’re looking for a longer-term role, every hour you spend volunteering here helps people all over the country – and the world – experience the life-supporting benefits of Shared Reading.

You’ll become part of a warm family of Readers who want to help people find and share meaning in their lives. You’ll get the training and support you need, as well as a 20% discount at The Reader Café and Ice Cream Parlour, and access to a dedicated volunteer space where you can relax. 

Whether you have specific skills to share, or you’re looking to do something different, there are lots of ways you can support The Reader.

If you’d like to get involved, please complete the online enquiry form on our Become a Volunteer page.

For Calderstones volunteer placements, we take applicants from age 16+.

Current Opportunities


Provide a warm hello to everyone who calls The Reader’s main phone line, talking to callers about our work and providing information about what’s happening at the Mansion House. This role directs enquiries to the right team/s by email and telephone, and sometimes supports staff and volunteers with administrative tasks.


Provide a friendly welcome to anyone visiting the Mansion House, greeting and directing people on arrival and making sure that visitors with disabilities or special requirements are looked after.

This role involves talking to visitors about The Reader’s work and the daily goings-on at Calderstones. Staff and volunteers might also call on you for help with administrative tasks from time to time.

Reader Bookshop

Meet and greet visitors, direct people into the Mansion House and share what’s on at The Reader at Calderstones each day. Serve customers, keep the shop clean and tidy, and look after administrative tasks, such as pricing and stocktaking.

Heritage Story Sharer

Explore the history of the Calder Stones and the local area with people of all ages, as part of a friendly and knowledgeable team. You will deliver walking tours or workshops, assist with heritage events and help create new stories to share.

Activity Group Leader

As part of the programme at The Reader at Calderstones, we run group activities every single day of the week. Would you like to get people together around: Board Games, Chatting, Crafts, Gardening, Knitting, Upcycling or Walking? Use the form below to let us know which activity you could lead or if you’ve got a brilliant activity of your own that you’d like to suggest.

Community Advocate

Help the local community find out what’s going on at The Reader at Calderstones by sharing information in your neighbourhood. Where appropriate, support will be given to enable Advocates to bring other local people who might need a hand getting here.

Event Support

Make sure events are ready for guests and they feel welcomed on arrival. You will record attendees, answer queries about the event, signpost toilets, accessible routes and emergency procedures, and let people know about the wider aims of The Reader.

Experience Evaluation

Help The Reader find out what people think of their visit by collecting information from those who visit the park or take part in activities. This includes doing park exit surveys, guiding visitors through questionnaires and attending events.

Maintenance Support

Help with the upkeep of a local landmark. Outside, that includes paths and entrances, trees and plants, gates, fences, benches and planters, and storage areas. Inside, we’ll need help with furniture, decorating and reporting safety issues or damages.