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Volunteer Reader Scheme

Written by The Reader, 21st October 2011

TRO’s new Volunteer Reader Scheme aims to grow our Get Into Reading project so that more people can experience the pleasure of shared reading. We are particularly focused on reading with isolated older people and those living in care homes.

Funded by the Big Lottery, the Reader Volunteer Scheme will give opportunities to volunteers who are at risk of or suffering from mental ill health, isolation or unemployment. Over the five year lifetime of the project we must prove that through training, support and the act of volunteering, our volunteers have benefited personally from being involved.

The Scheme offers four roles for volunteers and so has the flexibility to respond to an individual’s personal circumstances and needs. Care Home Readers will partner with another volunteer and together deliver weekly shared reading groups to older people in care homes. Reading Group Assistants will assist project workers in the practicalities of delivering a weekly group. Volunteer Admin Assistants will help in the day to day running of GIR in both Liverpool and Birkenhead offices. In due course, Reading Friends will visit older people in their own homes to read aloud with them on a one to one basis.

To find out more, please contact Christine Johnson:

2 thoughts on “Volunteer Reader Scheme

louise says:

I decided to take the plunge and get involved with this awhile back although I did have my reservations at first , as thought may create STRESS (It doesnt ) also said wanted RESPONSIBLE people umm well I am not considered responsible for myself so how could i be responsible for anyone else ,
I evantually got involved reading each week to an elderly lady in her own home , must admit first time I went their was not just one or two butter flies in my stomach but a whole swarm of them clinging on like an octopus ,MY big worry was what do I I talk about and had visons of us just pulling faces but none of these worries came true as we just chat and read and then chat somemore and now consider it one of my highlights of the week alot of it must be put down to the lady being very friendly and able to be put me at ease as if i feel uncomfortable with the people around me , my tongue freezes solid and no words come out ! (this never happens here)

Although quite involved with GIR this was something that not only helps me but someone else and still get a buzz when she says ” thanks for coming I enjoy your company ” I am quite amazed at this ! ! T he only problem I have when leaving is WE both sometimes have a sore throat !

Jen says:

Well done, Louise! You’re clearly making a huge difference – not just for the lady you read to but for yourself too. A belly full of butterflies feeling like an octopus clinging on is no small feat to overcome! Hope the buzz continues for you (and I recommend honey and lemon with hot water for that throat).

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