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Volunteers Week: Celebrating The Reader Volunteers

Written by Emma Walsh, 7th June 2016
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Celebrating the continued work of our wonderful volunteers, Chris Lynn reflects on his time as a Volunteer on the Big Lottery Project and shares some of the lovely feedback from our Volunteer Think Day.

What feels like a privilege when working with volunteers, is to be part of the transformations that take place in each volunteer, however big or small. I’m inspired by our volunteers who are so generous with their time; motivated by the opportunity to contribute. You can only really volunteer if you mean it.

I know that it works both ways. When I was a volunteer on the Big Lottery project I gained a real satisfaction from delivering my group each week – that walking on air feeling after a group knowing you had done something pure, meaningful and much needed.

What better way to celebrate National Volunteering Week than to hear from our volunteers in their own words about what they value about being a volunteer at The Reader. Below are some comments from our recent Volunteer Think Day.

It goes without saying how thankful we are for all the energy and enthusiasm our volunteers put into their work week in week out, but for now, it’s over to them….

Everything is soaked in a love of books. This is my first day - but already I feel amongst soul-friends, both in the fellow volunteers and also the books and their authors !


I will turn to a poem now at difficult times in my life

It's a chance to do something meaningful


Being a part of something so positive and beneficial to the community.

WE help people feel safe. I feel nurtured. It's affirming.


I have bought books as a result of volunteering.”

I've started writing poetry again after years.


More confidence - the shared experience of life getting and giving.”

It's a family (a sense of belonging)


Being together with people with different ideas and perspectives.

Ability to focus on AND enjoy English Language homework – it’s improved my progress.”

It has made such a difference to feel appreciated and valued.”

Increased confidence as readers. Better than T.V.”

Just a select few from a huge list, but I’m struck by the things that came up time and time again: being able to inspire and be inspired, to contribute to something bigger than yourself, to feel valued, to spark that passion for reading in yourself and others!

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