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We did it!

Written by The Reader, 5th September 2011

That's right, our team of 11 Reader Runners ran the Liverpool 5K Team Challenge yesterday and we all survive to tell the tale! There will be more on this tomorrow (with some rather unflattering photographs) but just in case you were worried that we hadn't made it(!), I just wanted to let you know that we did it and, I think it's fair to say, really quite enjoyed it too. A huge well done to everyone that took part, it was a great team effort, and, as I say, more to come tomorrow on how it went and what I ended up reading...

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2 thoughts on “We did it!

Colin says:

Well done to all of you. Jen, can we see the full list of poems read please?

Jen says:

Of course! I decided to read from Michael Rosen’s Quick, Let’s Get Out Of Here (appropriate name!), a collection of poems that I think every child should have someone to read it with – they’re just brilliant.

As we left the Liver Buildings, I started off by reading with ‘Newcomers’, then ‘Skeletons’ as we ran up towards the Echo offices, then ‘Mrs Townsend’ (coincidentally, the name of my best friend’s Mum at school) as we came up over the flyover, then the (surprisingly long!) ‘Eddie and the Birthday Cake’ as we ran towards the huge old tobacco warehouse on the way out towards Bootle (in which I sang – not even just read – ‘Happy Birthday’ several times), then as we came back towards town along the river, I read ‘Platform’ (the meaning was lost on me – I must have got some of the words in the wrong order as I was bouncing up and down!), then ‘On The Train’.

At the 4k mark, I began to read ‘Chocolate Cake’ (possibly my all-time-most-favouritest-poem-ever), which I was reading as I crossed the finish line at Pier Head. I finished the race before reading the poem but after catching my breath – and eating a banana – I read the last few lines to my colleagues 🙂

I think that some runners were grateful of the reading interlude, others quizzical, and some just downright shocked!!

(I want to say thanks to Anna, for listening to me read (and pant) and making sure I didn’t fall over.)

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