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What is the Case

Written by Chris Routledge, 10th October 2008

As part of its Capital of Culture celebrations, the Mersey Care NHS Trust is hosting an exhibition of the work of artist David Gilbert entitled ‘What is the Case'.

The Trust are partners of The Reader Organisation's Get into Reading project, and are eager to promote the contribution made by art and culture to the wellbeing of the community; they have delivered Get Into Reading groups at places such as secure hospitals, drug rehabilitation centres and Mersey Care residential homes.

The sculpture itself has been in development for seven years, and fifty to sixty of its seventy-six components will be displayed at the exhibition. They are made almost exclusively of balsawood, an extremely vulnerable type of wood which represents the fragility of life, and it is said that ‘experiencing the difficulty of carving this material seems rather like the actual experience of living'. Mersey Care hopes that, by experiencing this exhibition, people will be inspired to do creative things not just across the trust, but wherever they have the opportunity.

The exhibition will be held from the 27th October until the 1st November in the Boardroom of the Mersey Care NHS Trust, 8 Princes Parade, Princes Dock, Liverpool, L3 1DL.

 Posted by Claire Speer

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