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A Winter’s Tale in Another Place

Written by The Reader, 4th May 2017

We're on quite a roll with Shakespeare this week so we thought there was no better time to revisit this wonderful short film, inspired by A Winter's Tale.

Written by our patron Frank Cottrell Boyce and directed by Carl Hunter, this short film was produced last year for the British Council's Shakespeare Lives in 2016 project, a celebration of the playwright on the 400th anniversary of his death.

Set among the fantastical Another Place installation on Crosby Beach, Hunter told Creative Review: 

Shakespeare goes out of his way to draw our attention to time’s passing and the way time can often appear to stand still."

We both live close to the Gormley statues in Crosby and I often walk that coastline taking photographs, observing the landscape as it changes through the seasons.

I wanted a painterly approach to capturing the scenery and nature is a very good production designer. The play is also famous for being set on ‘the sea coast of Bohemia’. Bohemia, of course, has no coast. It must be ‘another place’, to use the title of Gormley’s installation.”

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