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Blogging About Books: Bookfessions

Written by The Reader, 17th February 2012

If we all think long and hard enough (some of us might not even have to ponder the matter too much), we can all come up with a dirty little secret about our reading habits that we''ve been hiding in the bookshelves of our brains. Mine would be that I haven't read any of the Harry Potter or Lord of The Rings series' (not so much a secret, just something that has caused a few people to stare at me in utter disbelief when I have uttered it).

One bibliophile has given us the courage to come clean by compiling a range of Bookfessions - a list of confessions and candid thoughts that plague lovers of literature. And it seems as a collective, we have a lot on our minds (perhaps rather unsurprising) - there are now 900 'bookfessions' listed, amongst which include judging a book by its cover, investing far too much emotion in fictional characters (I confess to being guilty of that also) and - particularly apt for this love-themed week and very sweet indeed - one book lover who confesses to 'having' a book rather than a song with their significant other (altogether: awwww).

We're sure there's plenty more bookfessions to be shared - why not let us know about yours?

3 thoughts on “Blogging About Books: Bookfessions

Louise says:

ha ! Do not fear Lisa, you are not the only one not to have read them but you should be proud to be an Ardvark not a sheep and don’t follow the crowd , I have nothing against sheep as used to have a pet lamb but it is true they do follow you everywhere ! like the latest craze with reading at this present time is vampires
I have been told by countless people how good Potter is but perhaps it is the rebel in me the more people tell me to do something the more I ignore them .
My eldest neice used to be obsessed with anything Jacqueline wilson wrote then went to Harry and now at nearly 13 and becoming more gruesome adores vampires but she is one who will always follow and would hate to stand out from her mates
I recently got her aload of vampire books which she screamed at I was suffering from amnesia and forgot to tell they were 10 pence each , perhaps the blood is about to dry up and she will be soon following the next trend ! even if it is something like tuliips
I reallly have no idea why I dont follow what every one else reads but perhaps it is like eating a box of QUALITY STREET do you pick the big purple one or the green triangle out first or doyou keep them til the end perhaps I KNOW MR POTTER will be their tomorrow so can wait unlike the latest films where you cant dither about !

Books are really like choclates some people never venture away fro m their favourite brands my Dad had a mars bar every day for work and would not consider having anything else just like some people read the same style of book like Catherine Cookson or Mills and boon , which are sometimes looked down on but actually I have read them ( CONfessions ) and are great if recovering from being ill and dont want to concentrate.
It is only one though and have never gone back to them

I will read more or less anything and actually enjoy so called chick lit and teenage books as can totally relax and dont have ponder over every statement so no need to hide that I read them although a libarian once was amazed that I read such things but why not perhaps I am a box of liqourice allsorts when it comes to reading and any thing goes as long it is words going to the shop now may pick up the sun up but then again that may be pushing the fact I will read anything a bit to far

Lisa says:

Hi Louise – glad to hear I am not the only one (I did start to wonder…); I agree with the sheep analogy and also like comparing books to chocolates (especially as I like both a lot) – yes, reading is like pick and mix; a little bit of everything is good and a great way of really enjoying reading!

davecookson says:

This makes me think of one of the best things on the internet – where people send in postcards with their secret on for it to be shown to the world. One of my all time favourites is the following book related one which always makes me chuckle:

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