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Books by Post for the Reading Heroes

Written by Lily Kehoe, 23rd January 2023

“My child only gets post from Social Workers, which remind her of why she is here. Books by Post makes her feel special, she is getting something just for her and the thrill of opening the book up is fantastic.”

Carer of Reading Heroes participant 

Our Reading Heroes project places volunteers to read 1-2-1 with a Care Experienced child and, thanks to extra funding, we've been able to launch it's follow up 'Books by Post'. Books by Post does exactly what it says on the tin and gradually supplies children with a legacy library of 6 books in the year after they finish Reading Heroes as a way of staying in touch and maintaining their interest in reading. 

Books by Post statistics

Recent evaluation of  the project has found some fantastically encouraging responses from carers and children alike.

  • 90% of carers agreed or strongly agreed that receiving Books by Post has sustained this child's interest in reading since Reading Heroes (80% strongly agree). 
  • 100% of carers agreed or strongly agreed that receiving Books by Post has increased this child's enjoyment of reading (73% strongly agreed). 
  • 100% of carers agreed or strongly agreed that receiving Books by Post helps this child to feel special (93% strongly agreed). 
  • 100% of children said they enjoyed receiving Books by Post 
  • 100% of children who have finished their 121 sessions say they now read more for fun 


“It's one of the most exciting things to happen in our house. Everyone is curious and gathers around to watch it being opened.”

Carer of Reading Heroes participant 


“I really love it because my brother and sister are jealous when I have post and I get to read the books. I like the surprise and it definitely makes me read a lot more books.”  

Reading Heroes participant 


"The best book was Malamander, because it was scary and funny but also had a cool plot twist and grand adventure.” 

Reading Heroes participant 


"Reading Heroes has helped us massively. I can't give enough praise to the staff and The Reader. We are foster carers. One of our children moved to us from Wales. A language of which, unfortunately, we do not speak a word. Reading Heroes, enabled us to keep a part of that child's heritage. It really is a fantastic service, the staff are on hand for any questions, and will often check in to make sure that everything is okay, without being overbearing. Our reader, Sarah, has to be one of the most beautiful human beings on the planet. She is so thoughtful and always has a funny tale to tell to put the child and parent at ease. She encourages and reassures our child, helping them to see their self-worth, allowing the child's confidence to grow. Sarah has become, what feels like, part of our family. I honestly can't praise them all enough.” 

Carer of Reading Heroes participant 

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