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Can The Readers Come to the Diary Room?

Written by stickyeyes, 19th August 2011

Hello and welcome to TRO's first Fitness Diary 2011. On this fine Friday afternoon we have thrills, spills, leg massages and blood (sounds like a scene from Macbeth.)

Here is a picture of Mr Lee Keating feeling the fall-out from last year's hot and sweaty 5K:

So, Phil, what do you reckon to those calves?

Oh, and speaking of calves, here's what one of our young persons project workers Anna had to report on her first instalment in the fitness diary, take it away Anna:

During my first (and last) serious 5 k training session I decided to practice my sprints along a quiet back-road in Allerton. I responded well to several challenges I faced, including the uneven pavements and the rain making these pavements slippery. However, travelling at such speed, I made no allowances for the appearance of a tiny old lady around the corner. To dodge her (and avoid killing her) I leapt off the pavement, slipped on a tree root and patch of mud, and went flying. This resulted in a 10 minute walk home covered in mud, whilst blood trickled from cuts on my knees and hand, and people on the 86 pointed at my bedraggled state.

Still bruised, physically scarred for life, but hopefully slightly wiser, I have just signed up for the Reader 5k.

You can help support our valuable work reading with looked-after children by visiting our charity giving page. Also, don't forget that if you are reading this and would like to join us on our run let us know! Anyone can run with us and help us raise money (NB for Get Into Reading members and volunteers: we can pay your entrance fee, we just need a deposit from you, which will be paid back on completion of the race - so what are you waiting for?!) E-mail Niall Gibney: for more info.


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UPDATE: Jen's going to be running whilst reading aloud - it's what she's calling 'Poetry in Motion' and she needs your help! Read about it here.

10 thoughts on “Can The Readers Come to the Diary Room?

Jen says:

I went for a jog last night, in the pouring rain – now that’s dedication, isn’t it?!

Who’s joining me after work on Monday? Rain, or shine, be there runners!

niallgibney says:

Me! 30 paces behind everybody else

davecookson says:

Tip – never Google map the length you’ve just ran. It’s about half the distance you expect. A running reading group perhaps?

Sue Garner-Jones says:

Well, at least the staff get to join in the debates – wait a minute … ONLY staff join in the debates: the JDAS I guess!

Mike Butler says:

I did 4.1km on Friday night after a long hard week at work, it was drizzly and everything! Will be out pounding the pavements again tonight I think!

niallgibney says:

Dude, you’re crazy. I wish I could do 4.1km

Sam Shipman says:

Poor Anna, that was a serious setback, you know what they say though, if you fall off the horse get right back on. Maybe choose a quieter spot to run with a flatter surface and less obstacles? Sefton Park?? Good luck to everyone else who is training and running, wish I could be there running on the day.

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