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Dorset Delights with Brian Nellist: Part 2

Written by The Reader, 23rd December 2011

Last week the first part of Brian Nellist's delightful literary tour around Dorset - all from the safe haven of Birkenhead Central Library - came to a conclusion. Those who went along were treated over ten weeks to the works of Thomas Hardy, specifically his early and quite idyllic novel Under The Greenwood Tree, along with a selection of his short stories and poems by Hardy's friend and mentor William Barnes.

However if you missed out then there's no need to fear because Part Two begins in the New Year, in the very same place. Brian will continue to illustrate Dorset's various strong literary connections by reading a selection of works from authors who lived, loved (in the case of Sir Thomas Wyatt, Dorset was his final resting place, being buried there) and were inspired by the picturesque county.

Jane Austen frequently holidayed in Lyme Regis and the resort figures large in Persuasion, which would be her last completed novel, and which will be read during the course. Wordsworth wrote his earliest poems in Dorset and T.F Powys and John Fowles both lived there - to signal this, the course will also feature poems and short stories by these three writers.

This selection of literary works will be read over a ten week period, and promises to be relaxing, illuminating and immensely enjoyable. The course will start on Thursday 19th January at Birkenhead Central Library and all texts will be provided. Funds will go towards supporting The Reader Organisation. For more information on booking, call 0151 207 7207.

Also, you can get a taster of what to expect from the wonderful Mr Nellist here...

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