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Enid Blyton’s Famous Five Get 21st-century Makeover

Written by The Reader, 26th July 2010

Farewell to the awful swotters, dirty tinkers and jolly japes: Enid Blyton's language is being dragged out of the 1940s by her publisher in an attempt to give her books greater appeal for today's children.

Read the article from Friday's Guardian in full here and let us know what you think.

1 thoughts on “Enid Blyton’s Famous Five Get 21st-century Makeover

louise says:

BY Jove! you have got me thinking now and that is a miracle all by itself.I find myself stuck completely in two minds about this . I adored Enid Blyton and had more or less all the Famous FIVE and SECRET SEVEN but even then used to laugh about the language used . I went off these books when i got horrendously Jealous that the characters had adventures every time they left the front door, whereas I used to search for hours on end for suspicious characters but to no avail , which was quite surprising considering where I was brought up!
Fiddle de dee I’ve lost my thread ,oh yes , I gave my niece’s some BLYTON books but was informed that they did not like them at first I was horrified “how dare they say such a thing”so thought would have a re -read and I must admit I could instantly see why, they did not connect with the language. MY eldest neice is an avid reader and enjoys FIVE children and it and other socalled old fashioned books but I think BLyton in her original formmay be a step to far for todays generation of children.
OH well ! It looks as if just me off I toddle to The enchanted wood with a picnic and lashings of ginger beer , JOlly hockey sticks!

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